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Thursday the 5th March 2015, in Kampala (Uganda), a GVTC delegation led by Dr Georges Muamba Tshibasu, the Executive Secretary of that intergovernmental institution has been received by the Counselors responsible for cooperation of the Norway and the Netherlands Embassies who are currently the main donors of GVTC. The Executive Secretary of GVTC was accompanied by Mr James Byamuka, the GVTC Programs Manager as well as the Ms Anna Behm Masozera, the Director of the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP).

The conservation projects implemented by GVTC in the benefit of the populations of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC are currently and supported by the Norway and the Netherlands and this financial support is supposed to end up next April and June. The purpose of this strategic meeting with donors is to explore together what has to be done during the next years in terms of conservation of natural resources in the Greater Virunga Landscape. The dialogue between GVTC and its donors is underway and aims at consolidating progress made in previous years.

This meeting gave the opportunity to GVTC and its donors to appreciate the impact of the conservation initiatives implemented since 2013 and consider the next steps during the three coming years. The results of the implemented projects are significant and the conservation partners seem optimistic to continue joins their efforts so that the three countries may have the Greater Virunga Landscape free of wild crime by 2024 for the socioeconomic development of the communities from Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

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