Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC) is a mechanism for strategic transboundary collaborative management of the Greater Virunga landscape established in 2008. It is an inter- state Agency formed by a treaty signed between three countries, namely; DRC, Rwanda and Uganda with its headquarters in Kigali Rwanda. The GVTC strategic philosophy is expressed in its vision and goal as follows:
• Vision: The Greater Virunga landscape Transboundary PA Network together with the surrounding Landscape conserved sustainably.
• Goal: Sustainable Conservation of the Greater Virunga landscape Biodiversity for Long Term Socio-Economic Development through Strategic Transboundary Collaborative Management

GVTC is calling for interested and qualified consultants to submit their proposals to carry out auditing services in GVTC. Terms of References to the auditing services may be downloaded from this website.

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